Advice and representation in disciplinary proceedings and investigations by the supervisory authority


We advise and represent lawyers and civil-law notaries facing disciplinary proceedings. Extensive experience, as attorneys in disciplinary cases, as disciplinary judges and as lecturers in this area of the law, has given us a deep understanding of the impact of a disciplinary complaint and what legal services are needed.

A team that always has your back

We also advise and represent lawyers and civil-law notaries during investigations by supervisory bodies, and where applicable the ensuing disciplinary complaints. Supervision of the legal and notarial professions has increased significantly in recent years. The Financial Supervision Office and the President of the Netherlands Bar possess a wide range of powers to investigate suspected non-compliance with Dutch AML/CTF legislation, the regulations governing legal practitioners in the Netherlands (Voda), the Code of Conduct or the Dutch Notaries Act. An investigation of this kind has a major impact, both on the individual lawyer or civil-law notary and on his or her firm. Our expert advice and representation is geared to the specific situation.