Emilie Van Rijckevorsel-Teeuwen

Emilie van Rijckevorsel-Teeuwen

Emilie specialises in disciplinary and conduct law, professional liability and compliance. She represents lawyers, bankruptcy trustees, civil-law notaries and their insurers in disciplinary and civil proceedings. She also advises them during investigations by the Netherlands Bar or the Financial Supervision Office into suspected non-compliance with Dutch AML/CTF legislation. She regularly advises and represents civil-law notaries and lawyers from the Caribbean.

Emilie publishes articles and gives lectures on the duty of care and liability of lawyers and civil-law notaries. She lectures on professional attitude and professional ethics as part of the professional instruction provided by the Netherlands Bar and the Law Firm School. She also visits law firms and notarial firms to deliver practical training courses on AML/CTF legislation and conduct and disciplinary law.

Emilie is a member of the Amsterdam branch of the Board of Discipline, the disciplinary board for the legal profession in the Netherlands. She also holds a position on the editorial board of disciplinary law journal Tijdschrift Tuchtrecht.

As a registered member of the Dutch Federation of Mediators (MfN), she is also a member of the Corporate Mediation Association (VCM) and holds a seat on the board of the Association for Commercial Mediation (Vereniging Zakelijke Mediation).

Before forming Van Rijckevorsel Mencke with Jeroen, she held a position as counsel at Houthoff.

She is registered as a lawyer with the Netherlands Bar. In accordance with Article 35b(1) of the Legal Profession Regulations, the Netherlands Bar’s register of specialties lists the following as her specialty areas: disciplinary law, disciplinary law applicable to lawyers, and disciplinary law applicable to civil-law notaries.